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Are You Covered When You Are Away From Home?

The last thing you want during your travels is to deal with unexpected headaches, particularly in a foreign country. For cherishable travel experiences, get a tailored coverage plan for trips designed just for you-be within Canada or out of Canada.

Our top-notch trip insurance covers you in the event of unforeseen flight changes or unplanned medical expenses. As you embark on adventures across the globe, trust us to provide the comprehensive protection you deserve.

Having the appropriate coverage for travel, you will protect from the following:

  1. Unexpected medical bills.
  2. Trip cancellation.
  3. Flight detours.
  4. Non-medical expenses.
  5. And much more.

Travel Coverage solutions are vast. For example, you need different coverages to get:

  1. Insurance for Out-of-province Trip.
  2. Insurance for any Emergency during your trip.
  3. Traveling Coverage for senior Canadians.

At Choice Insurance, we dedicate ourselves to providing you the coverage you need.

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