Protect Your Journey: Understanding the Role of Travel Insurance Plan

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Moving to another country or province for studies or planning to move to another location for some inspiration or work break, did you need any Travel Insurance Plan?

Picture this: you have a medical emergency or lost your baggage in Newfoundland; who will bear the expenses? You, right?

But what if you have a robust insurance plan offering comprehensive coverage? That’s where your travel insurance comes in.

Whether you travel within or outside of Canada, you need to get a personalized travel insurance plan.

Why is it Important to Have Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance in Canada is important as it covers all the finances that you may have to bear when traveling. A comprehensive plan is crucial because it covers expenses for:

  • Medical costs
  • Loss or delay or checked-in luggage
  • Delay in flights
  • Loss of passport or other important documentation
  • Accidental disability or death
  • Emergency medical checkups

With a travel insurance plan, you can make your trips more fun and less stressful.

Why Do I Need to Get Travel Insurance?

Here are reasons why you need to get Travel Insurance in Canada:

  1. Your regular Canadian health insurance is not valid in other countries.
  2. Your provincial health insurance may only cover your medical bills partially when you are in another province. So, you will need to get travel health insurance.
  3. Due to currency differences and other factors, medical expenses in other countries can be very costly. You may need to pay upfront for immediate treatment in emergencies such as an accident. This can push you into the pit of debt that you will have to pay for months later.
  4. You may have to bear heavy fines or expenses due to losing your passport or other official documents.

What Does My Travel Insurance Plan Cover?

A typical insurance plan for travel includes health, disability, and life coverage, especially when you travel to another country. You can personalize your Canadian travel insurance by adding some of the following coverage options:

Any existing medical conditions: 

If you have to get medical care for a certain health issue regularly, you can also stay covered in other countries.

Repatriation in case of accidental death in a foreign country: 

The insurance will pay for repatriation back to Canada by air or land.

Emergency dental or health care: 

Emergency dental care and even other emergency treatments are very expensive. With the right plan, your expenses will keep you covered.

Stolen or lost baggage: 

You can stay covered for loss of passport or credit or debit cards.

Flight delay or cancellation: 

You get covered for accommodation and meals

Cancellation or Interruption of Trip: 

It recovers the cost of airline tickets, meals, and lodging.

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 How to Get Travel Insurance?

You should contact a trusted insurance broker who guides you with quality travel insurance coverage options. You can also ask your travel agent or credit card company for travel and health insurance in foreign countries.

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Do I Need Health Insurance to Travel to Another Province?

Your territorial or provincial health insurance has certain limitations. Therefore, you need to get travel medical insurance in Canada. Certain costs that are not included are emergency dental care, ambulance trips, medical devices, etc.

Is Your Credit Card Enough for Travel Insurance?

If you have credit cards with insurance for traveling, your coverage options may be limited. You may not be covered for medical expenses in particular. So, checking with your credit card company is important to know how much you are covered.

How Much is Travel Insurance in Canada?

 The cost of travel insurance in Canada may vary, but it is only about 4-12% of your total trip cost. The amount depends greatly on your insurance broker and the plan you choose. This makes it important to shop for affordable yet quality insurance from reliable and transparent insurance providers.

How Much of My Medical Expenses Are Covered Outside of Canada?

Your government health insurance plan (GHIP) will only cover 10% of your medical expenses if you are in another country. At the same time, getting private travel insurance can provide you worth $10 million of emergency medical coverage. You can also personalize to get coverage for canceled flights or lost items.