Cargo Insurance

A Complete Freight Protection Solution

Let Us Shoulder Your Cargo’s Responsibility Against Theft, Accidents & Calamities with Cargo Insurance.

Insurance of Transportation and logistics of container cargo ship and cargo plane

With over $5 Billion Lost in Cargo Theft in Canada Each Year, is Your Freight Covered?

Your regular carrier liability plans only cover the basic damage or delays, but are you covered for accidents, theft, or natural disasters? Most carrier liability coverage options are capped and do not completely cover your losses.
You can easily understand your coverage and how it works with the right and transparent insurance coverage for freight. We take the responsibility to cover your freight from when it hits the road to when it reaches its destination.
Just imagine how it feels when someone has your back; that’s why businesses across Canada prefer our simple transparent coverage solutions for their cargo.
We offer standalone insurance, integrated solutions, and customized coverage options for your freight.

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