Secure Your Harvest: Exploring the Benefits of Farm Insurance in Canada

Farm Insurance

Getting farm insurance in Canada is crucial as farmers are vulnerable to risks related to production, revenue, market fluctuations, and human resources.

Farming isn’t just a job; but a source of livelihood. Most farmers earn their bread and butter solely through yearly farming. This makes their revenue highly unpredictable considering the global weather changes crops are exposed to.

Fortunately, farm insurance acts as a shield when adversities hit. To help you protect your livelihood or passion for farming, we have covered all you need to know about farm insurance in Canada:

What is Farm Insurance in Canada?

Farm insurance in Canada protects farmers from unexpected financial losses and legal liabilities. A comprehensive farm insurance plan will cover you for property damage costs, medical expenses, farming equipment and vehicles, and more. Ultimately, farmers can follow their farming passion stress-free as they are covered for loss of crops or livestock due to drought, floods or unexpected natural disasters.

What’s Covered in Farm Insurance?

There are several risks and challenges farming is exposed to: 

  • Low harvest 
  • Financial risks
  • Market fluctuation 
  • Human resources uncertainty
  • Legal liabilities

The first line of defense should be to mitigate these risks by implementing best practices to prevent them.

However, there are certain inevitable misfortunes associated with farming business in BC, Canada. So, it’s crucial to have customized BC insurance according to your business needs and usage. Here are several coverage options you can find under farming insurance:

  • Agriculture/Farm Machinery Coverage

With the right farm insurance in Canada, stay covered for the unexpected costs you may have to bear due to farm machinery or equipment breakdown, theft, or vandalism. You can get coverage for plows, spreaders, farm gators and field cultivators. It will also include coverage for farm vehicles such as tractors. There are several other farming machinery and equipment covered by our farm insurance policy in Canada. Contact Insurance broker for a customized coverage plan.

  • Crops and Livestock Coverage

Under a comprehensive farm insurance plan in Canada, you can get covered for livestock like sheep, cattle, poultry, and more. As for the crops, you can get custom coverage for corn, lentil, hay, wheat, canola, barley etc. 

  • Liability Insurance Coverage

In addition, your Canada’s farm insurance covers you for:

  • Farm house or property insurance (buildings and their content on the farm)
  • Commercial general liability
  • Product insurance liability
  • Other Coverage Options

Other insurance coverage options include:

  • Lawyer’s fee, out-of-court settlements, medical expenses or property damage costs.
  • Farm auto insurance against theft, vandalism or natural disasters
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Business interruption (loss of revenue)
  • Employer’s liability and compensation costs
  • And more

Get in touch with Choice Insurance expert farm insurance broker to discuss your insurance needs and estimated farm insurance quote in Canada. 


Why do I need farm insurance in Canada?

With the changing climatic conditions and increasing rate of theft and vandalism, farmers must stay ahead of the curve. You may experience minimal to no harvest despite all your efforts due to the impact of excess moisture, snow, floods, or winds. However, with a trusted farm insurance plan, you can claim the lost revenue costs.

How much is the cost of Farm Insurance in Canada?

The farm insurance rate determine by several factors:

  • Size and location of the farm (near to water or fire departments)
  • Type of machinery/vehicle used
  • Precautionary measures taken by farmers/owners
  • Cost of crops, tools, livestock, tools, etc.
  • Number of employees and their wages
  • Annual revenue and profits
  • Expertise of farmers and owners
  • Insurance history

What does Farm Liability Insurance mean?

Farm liability coverage shields farmers and their businesses from legal liabilities by covering the claims for personal injury or property damage. Liability includes several other coverage options to protect the farmers.