The Road to Coverage: ICBC Motorcycle Insurance Demystified

A Motorcycle rider enjoy his ride with ICBC motorcycle insurance

To experience the raw and rugged beauty of British Columbia, there’s no better choice than a bike ride. To stay prepared and protected, you can take ICBC Motorcycle Insurance –a must-have for all motorcycle owners in BC, Canada.

The ICBC Insurance for motorcycles provides coverage in the unforeseen events of theft, accident or damage incurred by Nature. If you are at fault for an accident during your explorations, the costs of motorcycle repairs, liability and legal bills are all covered. 

In fact, the ups and downs of the tracks of Nature wouldn’t jolt you out of senses when you know that you are covered. Let’s dive right into what is ICBC Motorcycle Insurance:

ICBC Motorcycle Insurance Decoded: Protecting Your Ride, Protecting You

Motorcycle insurance protects you, your bike, and your passengers in the events of a collision. Based on your usage of motorcycles and the insurance policy you choose, you can cut down the finances related to medical bills, repairs, liability and legal costs.

Why is Motorcycle Insurance Important?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), every vehicle owner is obligated to have liability insurance for the vehicle they drive on roads and highways. Thus, whether you use the motorcycle, mopeds or scooters for daily commutes or adventures around the province,  you need to get insure. 

BC has exquisite tourism spots that makes biking past the coastline and mountains a not-to-miss opportunity. However, as a motorcycle is a lighter vehicle, it puts you and your passengers at the risk of accidents, theft and ravages of nature. So, if your motorcycle is covered fully, you can enjoy the bumpy rides with complete peace of mind.

Moreover, you can get fined $300-$500 in British Columbia if you are driving with your motorcycle insurance. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria for ICBC Motorcycle Insurance?

The criteria for getting BC motorcycle insurance is simple:

  • Motorcycle with an engine over 50cc
  • Two tandem or three wheeled
  • Licenced driver with certain experience (the longer the better)

What are the Coverage Options in ICBC Motorcycle Insurance?

A basic motorcycle insurance policy covers a part of costs for repairs. It also compensates up to a limit if another person or his property harmed during the accident. 

Here’s a breakdown of what your ICBC Autoplan insurance policy protects you for:

Liability Coverage

For third party liability claims after an accident caused by you, you are protected with up to $200,000.

Accident Coverage

With motorcycle insurance in BC, you are cover for medical costs, lost wages/revenue or any additional expenses you may have to bear in case of injury.

Uninsured Auto Owner

Your costs are covered if the other driver–who is responsible for the accident–is not insured. You can have coverage of up to $1 million if you get injured or die from an accident caused by an uninsured motorist.

Hit & Run Property Protection

If you have your motorcycle or traveling gear damaged in a hit-and-run situation, you have coverage of about $200,000.

Above is the basic motorcycle insurance for bike. Based on your usage and needs, you can customize your ICBC motorcycle insurance policy.

What Optional Motorcycle Coverage You Can Have in BC?

Vehicle Damage Coverage

If you are a new driver or have an expensive motorcycle, you can increase the repair/damage limit above $200,000 when the other driver is responsible for the accident.

Third Party Liability Coverage

If you love to explore the rockiest of paths or have bare minimum to survive, any medical or repair expenses of a third party beyond the $200,000 limit can feel unbearable. Thus, it’s best to prepared and enjoy your venture more fully, simply by increasing the limit.

Property Coverage

You can choose to get the travel gear insurance if it’s an expensive one. As it is not covered under your basic plan, it is best to stay protected for events of theft or accidents.

Why Select Choice Insurance?

We provide premium quality insurance plans that match your standards and budget. Despite the motorcycle insurance calculator BC, Insurance is complex. Specifically when it comes to comparing prices, coverage options and your personal needs. That’s where our experts come in. 

Contact our expert Insurance Services advisors to get a tailored motorcycle coverage policy to meet your needs. Get a Quote for motorcycle insurance in BC Canada now. 


How much motorcycle insurance do I need?

You can choose to get motorcycle insurance BC based on your motorcycle type and usage needs. The more expensive your ride is, the better it is to get premium coverage. If you want additional medical bills and travel gear covered, you can personalize the insurance policy. Get an instant customized Motorcycle Insurance quote now.

How much is motorcycle insurance in BC?

Most motorists choose to get more than the basic motorcycle coverage plan. Around $1M to $2M of insurance policy is popular among motorcycle owners. However, the amount of motorcycle insurance depends on several factors: 

  • The type of bike you own
  • Purpose of usage
  • Years of motorcycle license in BC
  • Coverage needs (the additional coverage for medical and hospital care)

Does motorcycle insurance cover track days?

Some companies cover the track days, so you need to check with your insurance provider. However, there are several exclusions even if the track days are covered. Thoroughly understand your coverage plan to know what you are covered for. 

Does ICBC motorcycle insurance cover theft?

Most of the basic insurance policies cover your motorcycle for theft whether the incident happens at home or on the road. A comprehensive coverage plan will also cover you for the motorbike accessories as well. However, if you have expensive travel gear, it’s best to get coverage for it separately.