Top 10 Items You Should Keep Inside Your Glove Box

A girl opening her car's glove box

Stay prepared when on wheels with your glove box equipped rightly.

Our vehicles are our second home. As per reports, an average American spends roughly 408 days of his lifetime driving a car.

With that said, when you hit the road, you are most vulnerable to accidents and misfortunes. Sometimes, you may be all alone with no immediate help in sight. That’s where the importance of utilizing the glove box wisely comes in.

10 Things You Must Keep in Your Glove Box

Listed below are the 10 crucial traveling essentials to help you stay prepared for the unforeseen:

1.   First Aid Kit

Always keep a mini car first aid kit in your glove compartment. It should have small scissors, gauze, cotton, bandage, etc. In cases of accidents, it’s necessary to control heavy blood loss or cover the wound to prevent infections.

2.  Personal Information

It is crucial to keep a notepad or a paper with your emergency contact number. Surely, we have all the information in our phones but what if it gets destroyed or broken during the incident. You can mention any medical condition you have, which is necessary for emergency procedures in case of an accident.

In addition, it’s good to have a pen and pad of paper in the glove box. It may come in handy if you are unable to speak during an emergency situation and you want to communicate something.

It’s sometimes recommended to keep your car insurance in the glove box as well. However, in case of car theft, you may lose the papers so it’s better to keep them in your purse or wallet.

3.  Lighter or Matchbox

You must keep a lighter in the glove box as you may need it to start a fire. A lighter can also come in handy for quick fixes if the car breaks down.

4.  Emergency Escape Tool

A windscreen breaker and a seat belt cutter are two must-have survival tools to keep in your car. If your car unfortunately toppled over or your doors cannot be opened, a glass breaker can help you. In addition, always keep a sharp seatbelt cutter to get it off in case it’s jammed.

5.  Car Manual

Keeping the main car manual in glove box comes in handy. You may face a situation where you need to understand what a certain button does or what the recommended settings for AC or tyre pressure is. It’s great for understanding what different symbols on the dashboard mean.

6.  Map and Compass

Totally relying on google maps isn’t a wise choice. There can be times when you are in no service zone or don’t have internet access in a strange place. In case you are unsure of where you are and cannot see any help around, a map and compass in the glove box will help.

It’s a great survival tool if you love taking your RV to wild and adventurous sites. If you are an RV owner, having your RV insured is a greater plus to keep you covered. Learn more about RV insurance.

7.  Duct Tape

Duct tape is an incredible tool to keep when you are commuting or traveling. Most of the quick-fixes only need the magic touch of a duct tape. It’s best to get a heat-resistant duct tape that can be used safely in the hood of your car.

8.  Multitool

A multi-tool is a life-saver at home and on the road. With the scissors, knives and screwdrivers in hand, most of the travel troubles can be overcome. In fact, if not in the glove box, you should keep the multi-tool attached to your car keys.

9.  Flashlight

What if your car breaks down on a dark, deserted road? Especially when you are traveling during the night time, a flashlight is a must-have. Turn it on before stepping outside the car to see where you are stepping on. You can also invest in a high beam headlamp that can help you fix the car, change a flat tyre and more without having to carry the flashlight.

10.  Pepper Spray or Tasers

You must keep a self-defense item in your glove box. Owning and keeping weapons in the car may conflict with your state laws. Plus, they can be more dangerous than good. In that case, pepper spray or tasers can be the best self-defense weapon to keep in your glove box. It can help you escape the attacker fast with minimal chances of getting chased.

Besides these, it is good to keep a lighter, plastic gloves, wipes, sanitizers, and vomit bags in your glove compartment.

Keep Your Medical and Car Insurance With You

Accidents, car break down, and theft are common when you are on the road. Therefore, being prepared for it is the best precautionary measure. Not only that, you must have your medical insurance and auto insurance documents to get immediate emergency treatment and coverage for car damage. 

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Summing Up

Your first line of defense against the unforeseen is having insurance for car. The second depends entirely on what you have in your glove box. Therefore, use the space wisely to have all the necessary items within reach.